Greater Dayton REALTIST Foundation 

The Greater Dayton REALTIST Foundation has been organized for charitable and educational purposes by and for members of the trade association Greater Dayton REALTIST Association (GDRA). The Greater Dayton REALTIST Foundation called "The Foundation" is an Ohio non-profit corporation (as defined in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Law). The Foundation exists to support the GDRA. The Foundation trustees, with the guidance of the membership of GDRA and its governing board, strive to develop some of the following programs and ideas as described in the Articles of Incorporation:

1. To promote the general welfare of, and encourage the cooperation among all the REALTIST in the Greater Dayton Area and,

2. To create and promote community wellness by facilitating construction, rehabilitation, and improvement of neighborhoods, disseminating information to the neighborhoods concerning housing and community improvement programs, and encouraging the participation of residents;

3. To provide financial aid and assistance in relief of poor and underprivileged, underserved and un-served members of the community to secure housing opportunities;

4. To promote, assist, support, own, construct, maintain, lease, operate and manage housing facilities and improvements thereto for: (a) low and moderate income families or persons: (b) families or persons displaced from urban renewal areas, or as a result of governmental action, or as a result of fire, flood, accident or other disaster, and (c) elderly persons. And these actions will be designed to promote health, security, and welfare of all target populations in this Article with housing facilities that meet the physical, social and psychological needs of said families.

 5. To borrow and lend money, buy, sell or lease real estate and personal property in furtherance of the charitable purposes of this Corporation and to promote the objectives of this Corporation and the doing of all things necessary or incident to the purposes of this Corporation.

​​Greater Dayton REALTIST Association