Real Estate Broker: $230 |  This member shall be a licensed broker who is certified by a local board or by individual membership approved by the Board of Directors. 

  • Real Estate Agent (with broker participation): $130 |  This member is a salesperson who holds a real estate license through a NAREB member brokerage.  
  • Allied Associate Member: $130 |  This member is a salesperson who holds a license under a Non-NAREB member Real Estate Broker. 
  • Pre-Licensed Real Estate Student: $100 |  This member is actively pursuing their real estate license.
  • Corporate Allied Members: $230 |  This member shall be those individuals, associations, organizations, co-partnerships and corporations engaged in business allied to real estate, including mortgage bankers, architects, building superintendents, property managers, public housing managers, rental agencies, Interior decorators, household appliances, and furniture dealers, public officers, city, state and federal housing officials and faculties of trade schools and teachers of architectural business courses and such other technicians as may be related to the development of the housing program. 
  • Non-Profit Organization: $230 |  This member is a part of a registered 501(c)3 organization helping the local community.

Payment Options:

  1. Select your membership type, and pay at the link above.
  2. Join us for one of our monthly meetings to make an electronic payment or pay with a check (payable to Greater Dayton REALTIST ®  Association, Inc.).
  3. Contact us to schedule a time to make a payment of your choosing.

REALTIST® Membership Dues

Here is your opportunity to join the many Brokers, Sales Associates and Affiliates whose social consciousness and philosophies are consistent to those advocated by the REALTIST®. Membership entitles you to the following benefits and opportunities:

  • Share in the knowledge and experience of real estate professionals in their quest for profitable real estate business predicated upon democratic ideals.
  • Networking with members of the real estate industry who are concerned with equal opportunity.
  • Educational seminars and workshops focusing on current housing legislation and trends in the real estate industry as well as other vital real estate issues.
  • An invitation to join all networking functions to meet and fellowship with other real estate professionals, affiliates and the general public.
  • Ohio REALTIST Association (ORA) member.
  • National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB) membership.

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2018 Membership Dues

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